That pretty much describes the last couple of weeks for me. The day of Emily's surgery I was numb to it all I think. I couldn't look at anyone, especially Frank. Thank God my mom and sisters were there to take over my role of watching Micaela for me. It was a relief to just sit and think of nothing. I can say that we had it pretty easy. We were in the hospital for a week, they told us it would be two or more. Emily is recovering great. We went for post op visit today and her report was good. Still need to 'watch' a few things, but overall she's good. I had so many people praying with us, we are so thankful for it all. I haven't figured out 'why us,' but I know eventually God will reveal it to me. I never stopped talking to Him throughout it all. The night before surgery I was giving Him a piece of my mind, I don't know if that's right or wrong, but I had to tell Him how I felt. At least I didn't turn my back on Him, and I never stopped loving and trusting Him. That's all that counts, right! The worst is over, now it's time to get back on track! Keep me focused Father, I have so much to do! Thank You for Your grace, I couldn't do anything without You and the blessings you give me.

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