My time is so limited lately. I feel like I have been neglecting everyone and everything around me. The kids... husband... laundry! I'm so thankful I have a husband who is willing to wear mommie shoes while I'm wrapped up with all these projects. I thank everyone who has contacted me for pictures the last several months. I'm so booked, I don't think I can take another senior! March is a goner... May is full... June is mostly full... Then I'm taking a break if I can. My plan is to have a huge birthday party in August for both girls. We weren't able to celebrate MK turning 3 in back in January since we were just getting home from Sister's stay at Texas Children's. All the more reason to celebrate! So, I will try to post images from each of the sessions I've done soon.

Oh, and my husband found me an office to rent so he can have the garage all to himself again. I haven't thanked him in a while, I think I really need to do that. Let me send him a text before I forget...

And also before I forget, thank You, Lord, for all that you make possible for me.

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