bad mommie!

I am a bad mommie. I have been putting off doing my girls' birthday party invitations since August 1st. The party is this weekend. I have made 2 unsuccessful attempts to take their pictures though, so I guess I can at least say I have tried. I normally get at least one good shot out of about 50 frames. But not this time. My 3 year old doesn't like to be told to take a picture, so she cries when I make her sit and smile. When she starts crying, baby sister decides she needs to cry too. Then daddy scratches his head, and that's a wrap. What was I to do, I'm a photographer and photo invitations are my thing. I couldn't have just a fill in the blank invitation, people would give me that "what-tha..." look. So, I did what I had to do. Any desperate parent would do the same. I cut and pasted! Behold, the portrait used on the 3 & 1 birthday party invitation...

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  1. I LOVE IT!!! it sweet and humorus its vary cute you did good!! your one of the best mommys i know! martha.