In route to Houston!

Wes and Katye are getting married today, I'm so excited about this wedding! The church was decorated so beautiful, totally transformed into her romantic vision. I can't wait to see her in her dress. It is going to be nice to see these two people in love become one. We are actually on schedule too, I packed the girls' bags for thier day with Brina, so thankful she agreed to watch them so Frank could come shoot with me - my second shooter!! I loaded the equipment, packed up batteries and memory cards, did my hair and still managed to get out of the door right on time. Thank you Lord!

Father God, I thank you for the oppurtunity to serve you today at Wes and Katye's wedding. I pray for a stress free day for her & Wes, and for me and frank as well. Shoot through me Lord so that you are glorified in the images I capture. Shed Your Grace on Frank as well Lord so that there is no doubt we are serving you by doing what you have called and blessed us to do. These things I ask in Jesus' name Lord.

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