Ramon & Katie: San Antonio Engagement

Ramon and Katie are getting married. This weekend in the beautiful city of Corpus Christi. I was already booked when she called me, but since she is my cousin I had to do something! So I shot an engagement session and put together a guest book for them. I also did some bridals while we were in San Antonio, I'll get to share those after the wedding!

So, I finally got around to asking Katie how they met. She was semi-dating his friend. Ramon kept flirting with her and she hated it. She used the term 'stalker.' When the friend didn't work out Ramon seized the chance and asked her out, and they haven't looked back since. Five years and still going strong. Of course, she did admit that if I told Ramon's version he'd say she was the stalker!! :-)

I wish them the best, can't wait to see the wedding photos!

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