I admit it...

I suck!

I was so looking forward to this weekend. Not because we had a long one, but because I had an engagement session scheduled, in Houston, and the weather (though hot) was going to be beautiful, nice and breezy right around the time we were scheduled to meet. So I arrive at our meeting place a whole hour early, find decent parking, grab my gear and head out to get acquainted with the park. I circled twice around it in my car before I parked and I absolutely loved it. So, I'm exploring and getting all giddy because the park is perfect for an engagement session... then I decide to take a few shots and get a good white balance. My camera feels a little light, then I remember, oh yeah, my batteries are charging. In that same instant that I realize my batteries are indeed charging, I have a vision of them sitting on the charger plugged in the wall on the kitchen counter. Fully charged. At home. In BEAUMONT!!! I start digging frantically in my bag even though I already knew. I left home with all my lenses, memory cards, 1 camera body... and not one stinking battery!! I stood there, in the middle of the beautiful park, in shock with my mouth in the shape of an "O" while people walked past me staring. I grabbed my phone. My first instinct was to call Frank and yell at him to see if that would make me feel better, but he was at work. So, I called them. Thankfully, the bride and groom to be were understanding enough to agree to reschudule thier session. I appreciated that so much. When the shock wore off I sat down on a bench and sent Frank a text message telling him what I did. I knew he was going to let me have it. I could already hear it, the 'how could you forget your batteries' lecture. Then my phone chirped, I got his reply... Reluctantly I read my new message.... "need me to bring them to you?"

Sigh of relief. I love my husband!

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