Quick escape + shooting the Bird + Pwincess Mila

I tried to plan a little getaway for the night for me and Frank. I wanted to surprise him, mainly because if I told him he'd object to going since he hasn't had a day off in months and the grass is 8 ft high in our back yard. So I arranged for the girls to have a slumber party Friday night with my parents. I told my mom and sister that I did not want to tell Frank, but they understood that as 'blah blah blah.' Frank went to my moms Friday morning to drop off something, and she tells him, 'Frank - ya'll stay all weekend, the girls will be fine.' He just said, uh, ok. My sister also managed to half spill the beans by asking him, 'So, what are ya'll going in, the truck or the car?' Finally he asked me, where are we going, and why is everyone telling me to enjoy the weekend and relax. I replied with, shut up and get in the car :-) We had a nice time, a nice quiet time. I actually sat down for dinner and did not have to get up once to take a wiggly 4 year old to potty. And the girls had a blast at the slumber party.

We left Houston around 7a.m. Saturday to be on the LU campus by 9. I asked Frank to help me shoot a graduation reception, and while I was taking quick portraits of some of the grads, Frank got to shoot the Bird. No, not THAT bird, the LU Mascot, Big Red. One of the hostesses in charge kept calling BR 'The Bird' and that led to Frank calling him 'the Bird' even though I kept correcting him. Finally, Frank came to tell me he was heading outside to shoot the Bir... (flashed him my evil eye) ... Big Red as he departed in the red convertible. When Big Red was gone and the grads made their way to the commencement ceremony, I hugged Frank and thanked him for helping me. Again.

And because a blog post just needs a picture, here is one taken last week of the precious princess, Mila. She turned one. Happy Birthday Mila, I know you make your sweet mommie and daddy happier every second.

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