Today is the day!

Congratulations to Brandon and Tanesha, they tie the knot in just a few hours. The wedding is going to be at the Julie Rogers Theater. It was beautiful last night at the rehearsal, and the decorations weren't even finished! I can't wait to see her in her dress, I know she is going to look amazing.

My prayer for today... Sweet Lord, thank you for the opportunity to glorify you through the images we capture today. Shoot through me Lord so that there is no doubt who indeed is the real Photographer in charge today Lord, You. Please keep everyone involved in Your Grace so that stress and anxiety never touch us. Thank You for allowing me to serve You by doing what i love to do. Thank you for everyone who is helping me and Frank today Lord, from the colleagues at Frank's job who switched schedules to my family members caring for our babies all day. I pray that You bless them, Lord, and especially grant the babysitters extra patience today Lord! Thank You so much for all that you do, and thank You for the blessings to come.

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