Arial and Tony: The Wedding Slideshow

Please enjoy this slideshow of a few images captured at Arial and Tony's wedding a few weeks ago. The entire day was flawless. We started at the Elegante' where the bride and her bridesmaid's dressed, relaxed, ate some yummy quesadillas from Elena's! The ceremony and Mass was held at Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Church in Port Arthur. Then we headed back to the Elegante' for the reception. Thanks to Amanda Schilling for keeping everyone on track! Future brides, if you're looking for a wedding planner Amanda is great! (check her out at

Thank you again, Arial and Tony, for letting me be a part of your day!

Danny & Michele sneak peek...

The wedding was held at beautiful St. Anne's Catholic Church. I was v e r y limited to where I was allowed to shoot from during the ceremony so that made me a little nervous. Ok, it made me a lot nervous! I think it's fair to say that JC had my back once again. As I looked through the images this evening I can't even tell I was shooting from the cry room - behind a glass window! Thank You, my sweet Lord!! You never fail me!

Before the night was over Danny made me put my camera down and have a dance with him. Pay back from all those quinceanera dances I taught him years ago. I think he was in about 30 quinceanera's back then, one for each of his cousins! :-) It was an awesome wedding and I'm happy they have each other to laugh with for the rest of their lives.

Many blessings to you Michele and Danny! Enjoy a peek from their day...

This image (below) was taken by my beautiful assistant and husband, Frank :-)

The Daddy Reveal: Arial's wedding day

He waited in the lobby. He was preparing himself, fixing to see his baby girl for the last time as a single lady. He tapped his fingers on the wooden banister as she emerged from the room. She was fixing to see her dad, the last time as his little girl. After he let out his breathtaking 'WHOA!!!' he couldn't take his eyes off of her...

Danny and Michele...

are getting married! It is going to be a repeat of Arial & Tony's wedding a couple of weeks ago, with so many of my own family and friends there it will hardly seem like work. I used to teach quinceanera waltz's and Danny was one of the best :-D I told Michele that despite any protests, this guy can waltz!! I hope she takes advantage of those skills, I may have to whip out some old music to get him started.

Wish them the best, and praying for a stress free day for Michele (and Katie in CC, too!)

Ramon & Katie: San Antonio Engagement

Ramon and Katie are getting married. This weekend in the beautiful city of Corpus Christi. I was already booked when she called me, but since she is my cousin I had to do something! So I shot an engagement session and put together a guest book for them. I also did some bridals while we were in San Antonio, I'll get to share those after the wedding!

So, I finally got around to asking Katie how they met. She was semi-dating his friend. Ramon kept flirting with her and she hated it. She used the term 'stalker.' When the friend didn't work out Ramon seized the chance and asked her out, and they haven't looked back since. Five years and still going strong. Of course, she did admit that if I told Ramon's version he'd say she was the stalker!! :-)

I wish them the best, can't wait to see the wedding photos!