Lindsey & Justin: 11.11.11

I love that date! Although I'm not shooting their wedding I was happy to do some Engagement portraits for them. I'd love to share more, but since we're using them for the invitations and a guest book, I can't. At least not until 11.12.11!

Happy Birthday, Alexus!

We celebrated my niece's Quinceanera last night! She looked beautiful! We had a great time, nothing like partying and laughing with family. I have to say, one of the highlights of the night for me was Ramon!!! More on that later, but for now here are a few images from last nights festivities! Congratulations on your Quince, Lexi!

Coming soon... Tanesha and Brandon.

I was thrilled when I got the call! I knew she had gotten engaged, but I didn't want to just throw myself at them! I don't like pushy people so I try not to be pushy people. But I knew I wanted to be a part of this wedding. Tanesha's mom has loved my niece like one of her own for such a long time, and that is enough for me! Cessy's best friend/sister is Tanesha's older sister, who also happens to be my neighbor AND co-worker at LU, so this just seemed like a no brainer. I waited and waited, then waited some more. I consulted with my CEO and Partner, Father God, who told me to be patient :-). So I tried to be patient. And just when I was going to give in and be a pushy people, they called me! I can't wait for this wedding!

Here are just a few images from Tanesha and Brandon's engagement session. I wish I could show the invitations I put together for them, I loved them so much I wanted to keep them all. I'll try and get some pictures of one and share after the wedding. Until then, I hope you enjoy the images below...

June 18, 2011: Danny and Michele

Hardly seems like it was almost a month ago that I posted a few sneak peeks from the wedding of Danny and Michele. It was very hard to limit the number of images for their slideshow to match the audio track. My first version had the images shifting so quickly you couldn't even make them out! This final version below is revision #6. As much as I wanted to put all 500+ images in the slideshow to share, I couldn't. Every time I deleted an image from the video, I just shook my head in disapproval. I guess I'm very partial, since I took them they are all my favorites!

Hope you enjoy the final version as much as I do!

I admit it...

I suck!

I was so looking forward to this weekend. Not because we had a long one, but because I had an engagement session scheduled, in Houston, and the weather (though hot) was going to be beautiful, nice and breezy right around the time we were scheduled to meet. So I arrive at our meeting place a whole hour early, find decent parking, grab my gear and head out to get acquainted with the park. I circled twice around it in my car before I parked and I absolutely loved it. So, I'm exploring and getting all giddy because the park is perfect for an engagement session... then I decide to take a few shots and get a good white balance. My camera feels a little light, then I remember, oh yeah, my batteries are charging. In that same instant that I realize my batteries are indeed charging, I have a vision of them sitting on the charger plugged in the wall on the kitchen counter. Fully charged. At home. In BEAUMONT!!! I start digging frantically in my bag even though I already knew. I left home with all my lenses, memory cards, 1 camera body... and not one stinking battery!! I stood there, in the middle of the beautiful park, in shock with my mouth in the shape of an "O" while people walked past me staring. I grabbed my phone. My first instinct was to call Frank and yell at him to see if that would make me feel better, but he was at work. So, I called them. Thankfully, the bride and groom to be were understanding enough to agree to reschudule thier session. I appreciated that so much. When the shock wore off I sat down on a bench and sent Frank a text message telling him what I did. I knew he was going to let me have it. I could already hear it, the 'how could you forget your batteries' lecture. Then my phone chirped, I got his reply... Reluctantly I read my new message.... "need me to bring them to you?"

Sigh of relief. I love my husband!