The Daddy Reveal: Blake & Breana - Southeast Texas Wedding Photographer

It wasn't just mommy's wedding day, it was hers, too! And Breana was just as excited to get dressed up in her dress as mommy was to get in hers. Since Lili and Blake did not want to see each other before the ceremony, we opted to do a special daddy reveal with Breana instead. And the more tears Blake got to shed before the ceremony actually started, the better. Or at least he thought :-)

She was a little timid when we walked into the church foyer where daddy was waiting for her. She clung to my arm for dear life when she noticed all eyes were on her. But then we stopped, and that's when she saw him waiting for her. She tip toed a few steps toward him, then she ran as fast as she could to get to him.

I hope she never forgets how her daddy looked at her, and how he cried at how beautiful she looked.

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