I love my Daddy.

He is so strong. Physically, even at 76 years old. I don't think he's made it this far to be taken out now by an ugly bug called cancer. It has always been hard for him to listen to doctor's orders, especially when the orders revolve around taking it easy. But today, when the doctor said, Mr. Garza, you have to lay off work for a while, he looked at him and said, ok, you are my doctor and I'm going to listen to you. He was ready to start his treatments today too, and we just went for the initial visit! He is ready to fight it and in his face I can see he is going to give it all he has. His work isn't done yet. We're not ready for him to go. So even if the scans and MRI's come back next week and paint a picture that isn't a very good one, we know God is sustaining him - his body doesn't even belong to him, it's God's completely. We are a very strong family and we won't let cancer win. We can fight back with the most powerful weapon of all, prayer. We believe, and we have faith. We love eachother immensly. We are a family of lip kissers! That's right, I still kiss my parents on the lips! And so do my sisters... nieces... nephews... cousins... And we all kiss each other too!! Father God, we know You are in control. The doctor's word is not the final word, only Yours is. We have faith in you Lord, that you will heal every cell in Dad's body, every organ, every inch of him from his head down to his toes. We've seen what you can do and we are so thankful that you love us the way you do. I thank You for all the wonders you have blessed us with so far. I thank You now for the blessings and miracles you have in store for our future.

So take that, cancer.

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