When it rains, it pours.

I normally don't blog in the middle of the day, but I have a million things running through my head, and my blog kind of serves as a journal for me, so here it goes! So, last week we found out my dad has cancer. Today, we learned, or rather the doctor confirmed for us, that my mom has a brain aneurysm. I guess the thing I'm most worried about is loosing either of them right now, not so much for me - granted, a part of me will go with them when it is their time, but they have given me a great life. And many years, we are very fortunate to have both of our parents living at 76. But what I can't accept right now is how much my kids will suffer if we loose either of them right now. They are so attached to my parents it hurts! We can't drive by their house without stopping or the 3 year old starts arguing with us because she 'has to check on Gram.' She calls my mom Gram. None of the other kids call her that, I have no clue where she picked that up from. But my mom loves it. They argue back and forth about what channel they are going to watch, it's a fight my mom never seems to win. Micaela knows where all the snacks are hidden in my parent's house... all of my dad's candies, the brownies, cookies. She knows what drawer in my mom's room to dig through to find her stash of underwear or pajamas. When the doorbell rings at their house she is the one yelling COME IN! And that's just Micaela. My Emily, she can lay on the bed and 'talk' to them for hours. She has. They are deep into their novela and not paying her any mind of course, but she doesn't know that! She is happy with the occasional pat on the leg. The smile that radiates from her when either of them talk to her is the most beautiful thing i can look at. When I had to tell them she was going to need heart surgery, my dad didn't even let me finish the sentence before he stood up, grabbed her out of my arms, put one hand up and said, 'we'll be there. whenever or however long she has to be there, we'll be there.' And they were. To loose either of them now would be tragic. I would not be able to handle the void it would leave in my babies' lives. So Lord, it looks like you have your work cut out for you over these next several weeks. We have faith that You can do it Lord, there's no question in that. We will continue to praise You and thank You, You are truly amazing and deserve so much more than we give You. For everything You have given us so far, we are grateful. For the blessings and miracles You have waiting for us, we are grateful. We praise You, Lord, and we thank you for wrapping your arms around us and showering us with your love. We thank you now for the complete restoration of our parents. Fill their bodies up with Your grace and healing Lord. We know any sickness cannot harm them as long as You are with them. We ask this in Your name Lord, so we know it has already been done.

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