5 + 2 = lots-a love

Bella turned 5. Her cousin Ellie turned 2. And even though we met on what seemed like the hottest day in August, the girls still managed to have lots-a fun. Because they were there, in the heat, at the park... together! Wherever Bella went, Ellie wanted to go too. I loved that even though Bella is older, she wasn't trying to escape from the little cousin like so many older cousins do! She was even helping Ellie with posing when it was her turn in front of the camera. Our families are so important to us. They are all we got! And Bella and Ellie got each other. No matter how many branches end up on their family tree.

To see more images from their day in the park, feel free to view the slideshow below!

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  1. I'm Ellie's YaiYai and I love this. I started crying when I saw these pictures. Bella & Ellis always together. There is nothing that can come between them. Family is all we have and that is the BEST Love in the world. There is no love better. Thanks for sharing. Becky