Thanks to Sri.

I knew I would have to do something special to show my appreciation to Sri for helping me through so many binds. When the official webmaster left the university and I somehow became the 'it-girl' for all things web, I knew it was not good. And it wasn't. Things began to crash left and right, as I had nightmares that they would, and unfortunately for Sri I knew his direct extension! And even though it was in no way, shape or form his job to help, he did. And he never complained. And he always answered the phone. The thing I learned about Sri is, if you are willing to learn, he will teach you. He will never just come out and tell you how to do your job, but if you ask him, he'll tell you how to do your job right. His parents were here visiting for a few days. I thought it would be a perfect way to say 'Thank you' to Sri for all his help. And a nice way to thank his parents for making such a smart son. He thought it was a great idea too, so one evening after work we met and they let me take some pictures of them.

It's hard to remember that not all families are lip-kissers like we are. So touching your mom or dad or sibling or any family member might be easy as pie for us, and not so much for others. Sri's mom and dad were really cute when I instructed them to 'put your arm around her/him' almost like teenagers meeting for the first time! It was very sweet to me, a little uncomfortable for Sri! :-) I did manage to get a hug out of Sri, and from her smile I think Mom was ok with it too!

I couldn't stop taking pictures of Sri's mom, she's just so beautiful!

Thank you for all your help when I needed it Sri, and thank you for letting me take your picture. Now, about the "M" word... :-D


  1. Can I borrow a pic for my facebook wall? Sri is my best friend for life and his parents are very dear to me:)

  2. Hi Nivedita,

    Of course I don't have a problem but the decision would have to be Sri's since he is the subject of the images! He may be able to tag you in the image I posted on his wall...