Brandi & Kirk

Tomorrow is their big day! I'm so excited for this wedding! For one, it's a road trip, and I so need a road trip right now! And to what better place then a woodsy cabin in west Texas! Hopefully we won't get cell service so I can really enjoy it! :-) And second, well let's travel back to a simpler time, when my only job was babysitting after school... Brandi was one of my regulars! I don't remember a whole lot from that era :-) but I do remember Brandi with those big brown eyes! Her parents were one of those couples that we considered 'cool parents' and I remember liking the time I got to hang out with them. I can't wait to connect with them again this weekend. It's hard to believe that much time has passed!

Lord, please shed Your Grace on everyone traveling to this wedding, that we all arrive safely there and back home when the weekend comes to an end. Help everyone involved remain calm and focused, keep any distractions away Lord. Thank You for blessing me with this opportunity, and Father I ask that you shoot through me so that together we capture images that will bring them back to this day over and over again.

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  1. Your words were very well put and the pictures are beautiful! you did a wonderful job on these pictures and capturing the love that was there! Thanks, Uncle Vic and Aunt Tina