Brandi + Kirk: Marble Falls Wedding Photographer

I am so happy that I was there! My internal 'cup' has been running on empty since loosing my dad, there is just something missing that is hard to put into words. But that day, I can truly say it, my cup runneth over!  You could just feel it... all day long there were hugs and tears and laughs. It was a close, intimate affair, and it was perfect. It was exactly what I needed to be a part of, and it seems by all those present it was exactly the kind of day only Brandi and Kirk could make.

The wedding was held in a beautiful log cabin not too far from Austin, Texas. I could go on and on about the wedding, but instead I'll shut-up and let you have a look into their day!

 All the flower arrangments were done by the bride's mom!

 And the cakes were done by Strictly Sweets (Marble Falls, TX)

 See the card with a phone number? That is the card Brandi wrote her phone number on the night they met! He had to write over her numbers, she said she was a little 'tipsy' to write correctly!

 Kirk and his 'son' the ring bearer,  Raider

 Brandi, you're just gorgeous.

Kirk, you're not too bad yourself!

Love you both and I hope you love your images! To see more from their day please feel free to view the slideshow below.

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  1. Amazing Job Flora...we LOVED that you were there to help make memories as part of our family!! Thank You again!!! Vicky & Alex Gongora