Dear Dad...

I was having a conversation during lunch the other day, and it hit me. Like a ton of bricks. You were the only man in my life who truly, genuinely supported and was proud of anything I did. Like, deep down to the core proud. I mean, I know Frank is proud (with quotes), but I think his is more because he's married to me he has no choice but to support me. Yours came with no strings. No conditions. And I miss hearing you say "I'm proud of you, mija." You said it a lot, and I tried hard to make you proud. I'm still trying. It's just that there is no one who notices it like you did. You know, I don't think I ever told you how proud I was of you. How proud I am of you everyday. You were a great daddy. And a great friend. But what makes me both extremely proud and extremely sad is how great of a grandpa you were. They love and miss you so much. I love and miss you. Terribly. Deep down to the core miss you.

My prayer for today: Father God, I can't thank you enough for a lifetime of love you have blessed me with. Please be with us, Lord, and help us remember to cast our pain to you so that we can heal and focus on living the life You have in store for us. Please shower us with your Grace, Lord. Thank You for the things You bless me with every day, and thank You for the life You have in store for us.

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